The perks of modern business

It is no surprise that commitment in our society is waning. More people are getting divorced, but even more telling is that fewer are choosing to get married in the first place. Company loyalty has followed suit. 20-year company veterans are now a thing of the past and a 30 year old with 5 companies on his CV is no longer a novelty. There is no expectation that people will stay with your company for a long time and companies are struggling to determine how to appeal to and retain the best talent. It is no doubt a challenge.

On the upside, things are moving faster than ever before. Things are being (or should be) tried and tested faster, more reliably and more effectively than ever before. The fear of change is being tempered by a mitigated downside. What is the upside and what is the downside? For those in the old guard, there is an understandable apprehension: slow and steady wins the race. But, far more exciting, is the opportunity to make a difference, without the bureaucracy and endless negotiation. The opportunity to just try it and see.

Make your plan for today, this week. Be bold. Give it a go. What do you really have to lose?

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