The myth of 10,000 hours

To become an expert, it is said that one must practice for 10,000 hours. That’s all it takes. There is something comforting about having an actual number- as though I can tick off the hours and know I am getting closer. The truth, however, is that the 10,000 hours aren’t spent just doing a specific activity. They need to be spent practicing in a specific, deliberate fashion. One must be honing ones skills in an intentional way. Intentional.

So often it seems like we aren’t getting anywhere. We are so busy responding, acting, rushing and fitting it all in, we forget to prioritize. We forget our goals, if we even managed to write them down in the first place. We forget the big picture and where we are trying to go. As Emerson said, ‘Life is the journey, not the destination.’ but the journey shouldn’t be reactive- especially in today’s world where the demands are endless. Your journey should be proactive. Don’t wander through life looking to see if you have dropped anything behind you. Make a conscious decision each morning about where you are headed and commit yourself to getting there. Then, spend the day enjoying the path you have selected. Great things can happen but it will take focus.