Chaos vs Stasis

With two young children, it often feels like we are in constant motion, in every direction. Someone is always eating, sleeping, sick, tired, hungry, dirty, laughing, crying, scared or some combination of those. It is a surprising point when that starts to feel like a constant. Somehow we seem to reach stasis within the chaos. A high-pressure business environment can feel the same way: constantly trouble-shooting, fire-fighting and just trying to stay afloat. At those times and in those environments, it is critical to distinguish what is important from what is urgent.

So, make a list. Of all the things that are on your mind today and likely to be tomorrow. What’s urgent, what’s important and what’s just filler? Put the individual things filling your brain into their appropriate column and look at how you are spending your time each day. It is fixed. You are the person responsible for what you do with your time. Make it count, not just for today but for the long-term. Make sure at least 30% of your day is working on the important, not urgent items. Those are the ones you will regret not addressing and those are the ones that weigh on us day in and day out.¬†You may be surprised at how well it goes.